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Friday, July 29, 2011


In an attempt to maintain sanity and regular communication :) I've decided to concentrate all communications for EncaustiCamp, EncaustiKits and pbsartist through my one, main blog, EncaustiCamp info will be highlighted through the facebook page as well,so look for encausticamp 2011 and soon to be introduced, encausticamp 2012! And, encaustikits is still going strong at for breaking news on the site in september!!!
in love. trish

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sue Simpson: EncaustiCamp July 2011

Sue Simpson: EncaustiCamp July 2011: "  When I pick something up outside, in the house, while out and about, I can see it evolve into something beautiful. I enjoy bringing the..."

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Judy Wise: EncaustiCamp Preview - My Class

Judy Wise: EncaustiCamp Preview - My Class: "Just a little reminder that I'll be teaching at EncaustiCamp July 13-17. My class is entitled 'Painting from the Hot Palette' and will cov..."

Judy Wise: EncaustiCamp Preview - My Class

Judy Wise: EncaustiCamp Preview - My Class: "Just a little reminder that I'll be teaching at EncaustiCamp July 13-17. My class is entitled 'Painting from the Hot Palette' and will cov..."

Thursday, April 7, 2011

EncaustiCamp bloggerama; Crystal Neubauer!

‘When you share your strengths you create competition. When you share your weaknesses you create community.” ~Rick Warren
Recently I have been sharing a dialogue about a dream of developing a series of workshops and retreats where women can go deeper in their creative lives, a place where they will be supported, encouraged, and strengthened in their identity and worth as a woman and come away with the tools they need to begin to trust the voice they hear inside to guide them. A place that feels more like a community of friends who have gathered for a weekend of fun and fellowship then just a series of art-project oriented workshops.

The process of using art as a tool in healing from the past and uncovering my true identity has been such an integral part of changing my life that I’ve begun to share it with other women in some of my art workshops, uncertain of how they would respond or receive it knowing they were expecting to simply learn how to create a specific project. But each time I’ve included something as simple as a breathing technique I learned in my own journey, I find at least one woman who writes to say it was the most important thing she learned that day.

As the dialogue with my artist-women-friends begins to solidify into a clearer vision of a deeper more meaningful art retreat experience and dates and locations begin to be penciled in on our calendars, I’ve wrestled with letting go of my desire to teach at some of the larger more well-established venues, but then an email shows up in my inbox telling me of how the breathing technique I shared became a lifeline during a family crisis and I know in my heart this is the direction I was intended to go.

This July I will have my first formal opportunity during a two-hour breakout session at EncaustiCamp to share what I have learned along the way. I will bring a kit for each student who wishes to participate, that will include collage materials to be used as we walk through exercises designed to release that “inner-self” and allow one to experience what it means to “hear” or “listen to” their own voice and allow it to tell their story. The tools I hope to pass on in this exercise will go beyond paper and glue. This uncovering, discovering and releasing-of-self, is a journey so many women find themselves in the midst of and often without the resources or knowledge of what to do with all of these unexpected feelings and emotions. I will come, not as an expert or teacher, but a fellow sojourner sharing what I have learned along the way.

Of course, encaustic art will be the main focus of EncaustiCamp, but I am excited that the intention is to create an atmosphere that will be safe, cozy, intimate and restorative. This is where art becomes more then just a pretty picture; this is where it becomes a seed through which inner-healing can flow.

Friday, April 1, 2011

EncaustiCamp defined!

Have you been curious about this EncaustiCamp event?! Watching the posts and wondering who’s in and what you would find if you attended?!
Well, let me see if I can bring it to light for you! 
EncaustiCamp 2011: all things Mixed Media and beeswax!
You are greeted as you arrive Wednesday evening by your hopped up host, Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch, and the other instructors and assistants!
With retre
at packet and plan in hand you settle into onsite lodging then gather with the other enthusiastically waxy group in the gymnasium. All things welcoming go down first, quickly followed by an introduction from the instructors and assistants. We then jump right into beeswaxiness with an introductory demonstration from the instructors in the basics of encaustic materials and painting.

Don’t lead yourself to believe this is an ‘I-can-miss-that-I-know-how-to-paint-in-encaustic’ event though! This is a ‘don’t miss!’ kick-off to the flavor, fervor and festivity of the retreat! Even if experienced in the medium, you’re gonna love it 
A tasty dessert will be offered after the demo thanks to our wunderbar caterer (aka school art teacher and crew ) as everyone comes together to mill about, get up close to the melted wax, and meet fellow EC indulgencees~
Thursday opens with retreatants preparing their own hearty meal in order to get right at the beeswax! Each group with gather in their respective studios and begin with demonstration and instruction by the uber encaustic-geeked instructor.
The time is all about indulging in the diverse possibilities of partnership with encaustic beeswax so expect to get your serious inspiration on!
As an attempt to avoid overload on the very first day of studio time, we will break for lunch to breath before returning to studio. Shut down for the day is 4:30-we’ll feed our stomachs while gleaning tidbits of information from the participants in the other workshops!
Thursday night’s event includes a dessert bar and break-out sessions-instructors hosting intimate ‘why I do what I do’ discussions and q&a. Retreatees are welcome to settle into one session, or wander among the offerings.
Friday morning begins with a speedy ‘gettin’ at it!’ to the wax. Your second day of the retreat will be a new indulgence in mixed media marriage~ after getting a taste of what’s to come from the previous night’s gleaning we’re all sure to hit the ‘wow’-overwhelming goodness level 
Friday night is set aside for selling. All things encaustic and their mixed media buddies will be represented so come ready to indulge!
Saturday’s the last day of workshop deliciousness~Your third and final workshop choice takes place as you collect the last bits of inspiration to take home with you and keep you experimenting and inspiring well into the next year! Looking forward to EncaustiCamp 2012 and all the new stuff to come 
Dinner, art show and all kinds of fellowship round out the night before Sunday morning departure~
Can't wait to get at all things indulgy and beeswaxy. It's going to be so good :) join me. in love trish.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

EncaustiCamp preview! patricia baldwin seggebruch

I feel like I need to start this blog with a big, 'it's just me!'
It's just me:

It's just me.
Having fun.
Fitting into this thing called life.
Playing with my passions and making them work!
Stitching up torn edges and frayed seams.
Daring to stand on the edge: and take the leap.
Committed to staying in my committments.
It's just me.
A lucky, lucky, LUCKY girl humbled by the fact that others want to come have fun; figure out this life; play; stitch; dare; commit; alongside me.
It's just me. Come on! Let's do it~
Foundations in Encaustic: EncaustiCamp 2011
Everything deliciously 'no way' becomes 'why not' and ends up here as a 'look at what we can do!' Join me to indulge and explore. From plaster to tar; wood icing to panpastel; propane torch to shellac...yes, it's all that good :)
in love. trish
Join Trish and five other instructors and six passionate assistants this summer at EncaustiCamp 2011. Three days and four nights of all things beeswaxy and beautiful~July 13-July 17.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

EncaustiCamp preview: Michelle Belto

All Roads Lead to Forever18”X18”
Encaustic, Tar, Torch on Handmade Paper

When I got married, I didn’t know the first thing about cooking. Unfortunately, my new husband liked to eat…and eat often! Thinking that it would be something easy, he informed me that his favorite side dish was mashed potatoes and that “it would go with everything.” What he didn’t realize was that even the lowly mashed potato was beyond the level of my expertise. I remember calling up my mom with a raw potato in my hand and asking the question: How do you get from here to there?

I often get asked that question about my work. How did you get there? For those who will be attending the first ever Encausticamp just outside of Salem, Oregon this summer, you will get there yourself! Beating cotton and rag into a giant slushy pulp and then reforming it into something wonderful is addicting. What’s more making your own supports will open the door to endless new ways to explore mixed media work, sculpture, and, of course, encaustic painting.

Here is a visual overview of the process that you will learn when you come to camp:

1 2 3

Participants will first learn how to make pulp from ordinary recycled materials. We will use the pulp in a pour-mold (1) which will allow us to add cool things like glitter and cut up newspaper or embed threads or botanicals. Our form, created from foam core and other materials, will be embedded in the pulp. This will make the support stable enough to take the wax. (2)The next step is to remove the water by pressing. One of my students is hand-pressing the pulp. See she is smiling! It is fun! (3) The final step is to allow the form to dry…and voila! You have just created your one-of-a-kind support.
Join Michelle and five other instructors and six passionate assistants this summer at EncaustiCamp 2011. Three days and four nights of all things beeswaxy and beautiful~July 13-July 17.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mind your own beeswax!

No offense intended! Minding your own beeswax, as I turn the phrase here, speaks to the luscious, melty goodness of encaustic painting. Mind it! Get at it! Check it out! Pick it up for yourself~
EncaustiCamp is coming together to be the place, the venue, for all things encaustic through mixed media indulgence, awesome fellowship with other beeswaxy aficionados and to invest in truly letting loose and seeing where all things arty can really be pushed. Come delight in the opportunity. Come invest in taking yourself to the next level. Come; make the choice to grow your art! You will be inspired~
in love. trish

Thursday, February 24, 2011

sharing, sharing, sharing!

Have you seen this yet?! Thank you Deryn!

Monday, January 10, 2011

EncaustiCamp 2011

'Sixty four percent of Americans want to make more things themselves. There's a huge opportunity in providing the tools and materials to do just that.'
This quote, serendipitously clipped and tacked to the board above my desk several months ago, speaks to all that I believe, and have believed, for myself for as long as I can remember: To create what I 'want' myself.
My first big sewing project was my eighth grade dance dress. In high school a friend and I saw a great twig reindeer at a craft show and went home to make several ourselves. In college, needing Christmas gifts but having no means to buy things for my family, I collected pine cones from the local park, glued them to a cardboard frame, sprayed them with glitter and offered up holiday wreathes.
As a new mom I saw some adorable kids clothing, way out of my price range, as I began my journey as a stay-at-home mom so many years ago, and found my way around recreating a version of my own. Even as money became less of an obstacle, I made the boys' teachers holiday gifts of polymer ornaments and shrink plastic icicles (sigh).
So it comes as no surprise to find myself not only wanting that same ability to befall everyone else, but to come boldly forward in my course through creativity to offer up an avenue for them to find just that! First through EncaustiKits,
the line of inclusive craft kits bringing all things encaustic and mixed media to the craft world and now through Encausticamp-the place to come for immersion in all things encaustic! This retreat opportunity, being offered to experienced as well as novice encaustic aficionados, is being held July 13-17, 2011 on the outskirts of Salem, Oregon on a serene boarding school campus.
Just one hour from the Oregon coast, and the same distance to Portland, EncaustiCamp will run from Wednesday evening with check-in and an all-group demonstration and welcome gathering, through three days of workshops and three more evenings of encaustic indulgence with a vending night full of encaustic supplies, a break out pajama-talk in which instructors will open up about their encaustic art experiences and welcome questions and answers, and a final show and tell all-camp closing party.
Mixed media and experimentation have always been my passion and bringing this together with encaustic is a 'dream I didn't fully realize I had' come true :)
This post makes official the launch of the site and opening of registration to all~come take a peek; email questions, call with comments, but above all, jump in with both feet, come boldly to your own creativity and indulge in this opportunity to embrace creating all that makes your heart sing, yourself. It's that good :)
in love. trish