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Monday, October 25, 2010

coming together...

As things fall into place, (I never realized the true power of that statement before! Truly, things are just falling into place with this! A God path most assuredly :)
I am getting very excited to publish the final details!
But for now, welcome the who's who so far!
Instructors: crystal neubauer
jan harris
bridgette guerzon mills
michelle belto schaub
patricia baldwin seggebruch

Assistants: christine webb
megan anderson
We are getting jazzed!!!! Email to get on the contact list, and stay tuned here!


  1. We are at Western Mennonite School campus just outside of Salem, Oregon. It is just one hour from Portland and just over 1 hour from the coast! Keep in touch; and if you'd like to be alerted to updates (registration should open mid November) send me an email!